"Fame is finally only the sum total of all the misunderstandings that can gather around a new name" --Rilke
"The engineers of the future will be poets."

~ Terence McKenna

As described by Terence McKenna in Ordinary Language, Visible Language and Virtual Reality:
The starships of the future that will explore the high frontier of the unknown will be syntactical. The engineers of the future will be poets.

This is what virtual reality holds out to us—the possibility of walking in to the constructs of the imagination. In a way culture is that. I mean our cities, bridges, highways, airliners and art galleries are condensations out of the imagination, but at tremendous cost because we must make them out of matter. Once we can make them out of light, out of electrons, then we won't build skyscrapers a hundred and twenty stories high, we'll build them as high as we want.

Roof height will no longer be a factor ruled by cost effectiveness and gravity, it will be a parameter ruled by the imagination as well all other parameters and then we will discover what man truly is—when we are able t…
"I tend to think groupthink is much maligned - and that the strength of scenes and genres is when people “swarm” or “flock” around a currently reigning sound-template and stretch that template in all kinds of ways, without actually abandoning it.

"I’m very into this idea of “the sound of the radio changes” - and that’s on the pirate radio level (e.g suddenly the pirates nearly all switch to UK garage in 97) but also on the mass level (suddenly in the early 90s grunge and alt-rock take-over the radio). because it’s exciting - and you feel like the popular culture is going somewhere

"It relates to this thing I’ve started calling “positive unoriginality” - when an innovation is copied. So e.g. Timbaland comes up with some new beat structures in the mid/late 90s and he’s widely copied - and the sound of R&B radio changes. The copyists are actually playing a valuable role. Because of them, innovation becomes installed at a culture-wide level.

"You see this syndr…
“A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” —Thomas Mann

"Better over the top than under the top" - me
"Self-plagiarism is style"
--- Alfred Hitchcock