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School Culture and academic press must be aligned to operationalize the mission 5 pillars of a culture of achievement Welcome Do no harm Choice words It’s never too late to learn Best school in the universe Welcome - inclusive - feel welcome all the time - all needs met - blur line between us and them - staff and pupils , adults and kids - put you in charge of the campus environment Do no harm Meet Ethical standards not follow rules - develop own ethical compass Understand impact of behavior on others Develop plan to harm done Actively involve others Choice words Choose words when interacting with others - words have impact - Reflect daily on the words you choose It’s never too late to learn Grading based. Multiple opportunities to prove competency and demonstrate what you’ve learned Chance to go for an A again if get a C No grade 'gotchas' Classroom climate in which errors and mistakes allowed and encouraged Best School in Universe! We will strive to be the best at all times N
the shock of the new and the shock of the impossible are mysterious phenomena - because, you would think, simply by your experiencing it, the Newness would almost instantly evaporate - it would by definition be no longer new, it would seem increasingly familiar - something you were used to and had assimilated likewise, simply by dint of existing, the quality of impossibility would immediately cancel itself out, becoming part of the realm of the possible and thinkable but in fact that doesn't happen the shock of the new can sustain itself quite a long time, through slightly differently inflected iterations of that newness and moreover, even more mysteriously, if you hear something from the past that was once shocking newly / inconceivable / impossible, it still has that effect on a listener (or viewer or reader or...) even though all kinds of things have subsequently intervened and surpassed it - even though the art in question has been domesticated and become middlebrow or institut
 as far as we know all thought is embodied – it doesn’t have existence outside our bodyminds, and it’s completely bound up with the functioning of our hormones, endocrine systems, neurology – our moods essentially. Yes there are a computers that can do fantastically complex calculations but can we really say there are thinking? So thought is always an emotion, always an expression of will – something has to motivate it, others it wouldn’t happen. And that applies even to the most purified and rigorous and seemingly transcendental thinking on the part of philosophers, mathematicians, astrophysicists etc etc.  Somewhere in there, motivating it at the deepest level, there is a drive to mastery, to knowledge and understanding and curiosity, to achievement, to status etc. So I don’t think there is any such thing as pure thought. Or at least the exercise of this pure kind of thinking still depends on energies and motives that are irrational or maybe better to say, pre-rational or outside rea
with this one it feels incumbent to remind you of the blurb at the top of the blog:  "thoughts quoted for the turn of thought / phrase rather than for truth value - quoted not necessarily because i agree with them or approve of them" - to which I might append at the end, ", or of the person uttering them" "It’s the only romantic television show today. It’s not realistic. It’s not about the gutter, it’s not about the half-wit retarded children, and all the other kind of shows today. It’s about three attractive girls doing impossible things. And because they’re impossible, that what makes it interesting. It shows three young girls who are better than so-called 'real life'."  - Ayn Rand , 1980, talking about Charlie's Angels . 
K-punk best albums of the 1990s 187 Lockdown – 187 Lockdown Tricky – Pre Millennium Tension Goldie – Saturnz Return Massive Attack – Protection Breakdown Presents: Drum & Bass Selection 3 Suburban Base and Moving Shadow Present The Joint LP Various – Techsteppin’ The Dark Side: Hardcore Drum and Bass Style (React) Marvellous Cain – Gun Talk World of Twist – Quality Street Tricky – Maxinquaye Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works Basement Jaxx – Remedy MBV – Loveless (also here) Barry Adamson – Soul Murder Altern 8 – Full on Mask Hysteria Renegade Soundwave – Soundclash SR -  that is so characteristically and endearingly Mark, to have the full-lengths by 187 Lockdown, Marvelous Cain, and Altern 8 in his Best British 90s list! (Also Renegade Soundwave, an absolutely forgotten band but i wouldn't be surprised if an influence on Mark and friends's own group D-Generation) Mind you, for all I know, the 187 Lockdown album is fantastic, an all-the-way through great listen. Seems pret
a few thoughts on what makes a track Essential and Canon Worthy one of the things with a music like jungle is that as a cultural formation it was so new, different, bracing that on a certain level ALL of it sounded amazing - because the fundamental proposition of the music is challenging, head-disrupting, life-rearranging. Such that virtually any instantiation of those generic properties done reasonably well is exciting to a fan.   In such circumstances the difference between a Classic and a solidly executed tune is less clear; only the truly sub-par, not-up-to-snuff, verging on defective tune rules itself out of consideration and contention. When time elapses, though, the newness factor fades, and the canon starts to settle into shape Seems like there's two bases on which a candidacy of canon-worthiness can be mounted 1. EXEMPLARY-NESS absolute conformity to what the genre is about - not just essential but essentialist. Consummate genre-icity that approaches the definitive, in the